Landets førende og absolut største professionelle virksomhedsmægler i SMV-segmentet – din garanti for en seriøs formidlingsproces siden 1997.

Leading danish technology company with global growth potential

The company has over the last year developed an innovative process solution for separation of Multilayered Packaging Materials, into fully recyclable components. The solution has the working name Waste2X.
Proof of Concept has been obtained, a fully functional test process line is in production, within short Proof of Sales is expected to be achieved.
The solution has proven to be more efficient than any known process globally, solving a global challenge of recycling Multilayered Food Packages.
In EU new laws enhances the demand for the Waste2X solution, and the Global potential is significant.

Referencenummer: VBS0764

Geografi: Region Midtjylland

Hovedbranche: Fremstillingsvirksomhed

Underbranche: Fremstilling af maskiner til føde-, drikke- og tobaksvareindustrien


Mægler: Troels Mathiesen

Telefon: +45 51 22 71 62


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