Landets førende og absolut største professionelle virksomhedsmægler i SMV-segmentet – din garanti for en seriøs formidlingsproces siden 1997.

Focused Danish manufacturer of specialized Health Care products

The company holds a strong position within the health care industry, recognized as a manufacturer of specialized items within interior design and highly functional solutions. In addition, the company is a distributor for a number complimenting products, feeding into the sales channels for their own products. A solid company with years of constant growth of products and financial results.
The company is well known for its tailormade solutions and stands as a strong brand within its own narrow product range, preferred and loved by the health care teams across Denmark. The company has limited but growing exports to the Nordic countries, which at the same forms a solid business potential for further growth. Further growth potential can be found within other segments in the Danish health care market, which to a large extend have been unaddressed.

Referencenummer: VBS0753

Geografi: Region Hovedstaden

Hovedbranche: Fremstillingsvirksomhed

Underbranche: Fremstilling af medicinske og dentale instrumenter samt udstyr hertil


Mægler: Troels Mathiesen

Telefon: +45 51 22 71 62


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