Landets førende og absolut største professionelle virksomhedsmægler i SMV-segmentet – din garanti for en seriøs formidlingsproces siden 1997.

Leading Industrial Filter Manufacturer

European manufacturer of industrial filter solutions to businesses of all sizes. The filters are ideal for environmentally conscious businesses as they reduce energy consumption and lower the environmental impact.

The technology is unique, efficient, optimizes durability and operational reliability.

In a niche market, it differs from other manufacturers as a well-known first mover with more than 35 years of experience.

As the demand for environmentally friendly products increases, the company is in a positive position to expand and grow both in Europe and worldwide.

The online presence is through a B2B website and LinkedIn.

Referencenummer: VBS0797

Geografi: Region Syddanmark

Hovedbranche: Engroshandel og detailhandel

Underbranche: Engroshandel med andre maskiner og andet udstyr


Mægler: Peter Hald

Telefon: +45 26 11 07 97


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