Landets førende og absolut største professionelle virksomhedsmægler i SMV-segmentet – din garanti for en seriøs formidlingsproces siden 1997.

Distinctive Interior Design

A distinguished trading and service company has earned a reputation for its expertise in interior design within a unique and specialized market. This specialization encompasses the art of crafting distinctive design solutions for optimizing both layout and functionality to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also supremely practical.

At the core of this enterprise’s success lies close collaboration with steadfast partners, esteemed for their manufacturing and assembly prowess. These trusted partners play a pivotal role, taking on the crucial responsibility of bringing the crafted design concepts to life. This symbiotic collaboration fosters a synergy that consistently delivers outstanding results to clients.

The company’s diverse client base includes a broad spectrum of sectors, reflecting the versatility of its solutions. Among its esteemed clients are prominent institutions such as hospitals and universities, where precision and functionality are paramount. Simultaneously, it serves as a trusted partner to private enterprises operating within pharmaceuticals, food production, chemical manufacturing, and even research institutions, tailoring its designs to address their unique operational needs.

It is evident that this enterprise occupies a specialized niche within the market. In the Danish landscape, it stands as one of the very few firms with the knowledge, experience, and capability to execute projects of this distinctive nature. With a proven track record of consistently delivering exceptional results, this company has firmly established itself as a leader in this unique and specialized field.

Referencenummer: VBS0809

Geografi: Region Sjælland

Hovedbranche: Liberale, videnskabelige og tekniske tjenesteydelser

Underbranche: Indretningsarkitekter og rumdesign


Mægler: Helle Ghodt

Telefon: +45 30 80 85 20


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